The Best Dining Table for Small Space without Going Out Of Style

Do not let small rooms hold you back in unleashing its potential. The key of choosing the right dining table for small space is how you can maximize the visual of the room without looking cramped. There are numerous things to consider before buying dining table for small space from the size of the dining room and the number of people eating. Here are several finest dining tables for small space to help you out:

Wall Mounted Dining Table for Small Space

One of the best space-saving tricks for small space is the wall-mounted dining table. A wall-mounted dining table saves space effectively especially the one which folds into the wall. You may consider placing this in your kitchen since it can also be mounted on a kitchen island. For a more economical option, this table is easily DIY-able. With a solid-wood board and hardware store brackets, you are able to get your very own dining table for small space. However, due to its size, a wall-mounted dining table is perfect for 2-3 people.

Round Dining Table

If there is enough space for you to put a ‘real’ table, a round dining table will fit your room the best. Round tables, especially the ones with a pedestal leg, save space without looking odd. Round tables also perfect for a home which is dominated by straight or rectangular furniture since the curve of the table adds a softer look to the room. As round tables with a central pedestal allow a generous leg room, you can squeeze up to five people around a small round table. Try to match your round table with Louis-style chairs for a more sophisticated look.

Rectangular Table

If you are a fan of a rectangular dining table, match this table with built-in benches tucked into the corner of the dining room. A rectangular table can save floor space effectively. Moreover, you can use the storage in the benches to keep your table linens and dishware. A rectangular drop-leaf table is a great option since it fits many people when fully extended. To save space, push it against the wall when not needed.

Double Duty

When you are short of space, picking furniture that serves multiple functions is the answer. You can use a kitchen island, which can be used for preparing the food and a dining spot afterward. Put fancy stools and you will have your multi-purpose dining table for small space.

The choice above could be the right option for you who wish to put the perfect dining table for small space. Despite its size, those tables are able to enhance the quality of your mealtimes due to the wonderful visual.